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Ricardo F. Muñoz, Ph.D.



(415) 206-5214 (voice)
(415) 206-8942 (fax)

Box 0852, UCSF; San Francisco, CA 94143-0852

  • Stanford University, Stanford, CA, AB, 1972, Psychology
  • University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, MA, 1975, Clinical Psychology
  • University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, PhD, 1977, Clinical Psychology
Professional Experience


Assistant Professor to Professor, UC San Francisco, Dept of Psychiatry, SFGH


Founding Director, Depression Clinic, San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH)


Chief Psychologist, San Francisco General Hospital


Director, UCSF Clinical Psych Training Program (clinical/research fellowship)


Director, UCSF/SFGH Latino Mental Health Research Program
Selected Academic Honors and Awards
1972 Phi Beta Kappa; A.B. with Distinction & Departmental Honors in Psychology (Stanford)
1983-1994 National Institute of Mental Health, Member of various Review Groups
1984 Health Promotion Award, Nat'l Coalition of Hispanic Mental Health & Human Services Organizations
1988 Fellow, American Psychological Association (Divisions 27 and 45)
1991 Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, University of California, San Francisco
1992-1994 Institute of Medicine, Member, Committee on Prevention of Mental Disorders
1994 Fellow, American Psychological Society
1994 Lela Rowland Prevention Award, National Mental Health Association
1991-1996 Institute of Medicine, Board Member, Div. of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
2001 George Sarlo Teaching Award, Department of Psychiatry, UCSF
2001 National Institute of Mental Health, Co-chair: Psychosocial Intervention Development Workgroup Breaking Ground, Breaking Through: Developing a Strategic Plan For Mood Disorders Research
2001- present National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association: Scientific Advisory Board
2003- present Editorial Board, Annual Review of Clinical Psychology
Various Invited Speaker: Chile, Finland, Perú, Puerto Rico, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain
Various Intervention manuals have been adopted widely, and translated to: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, German, Norwegian, and Finnish
Selected Books
  • Muñoz RF, Snowden LR, Kelly, JG, et al. (1979). Social and psychological research in community settings: Designing and conducting programs for social and personal well-being. SF: Jossey-Bass.
  • Muñoz RF (Ed., 1987). Depression prevention: Research directions. Washington, DC: Hemisphere.
  • Lewinsohn PM, Muñoz RF, Youngren MA & Zeiss A (1992). Control Your Depression. NY: Fireside Books.
  • Muñoz RF & Ying YW (1993). The Prevention of Depression. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Miller WR & Muñoz RF (2005). Controlling Your Drinking. (NY: Guilford).
Selected Publications
  • Muñoz RF (1993). The prevention of depression: Current research and practice. Applied & Preventive Psychology, 2, 21-33.
  • Hall SM, Muñoz RF & Reus VI (1994).  Cognitive-behavioral intervention increases abstinence rates for depressive-history smokers.  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 62(1), 141-146.
  • Muñoz RF, Hollon SD, McGrath E, Rehm LP & VandenBos GR (1994). On the AHCPR Depression in Primary Care Guidelines: Further considerations for practitioners. American Psychologist, 49(1), 42-61.
  • Muñoz RF, Ying YW, Bernal G, Perez-Stable EJ, Sorensen JL, Hargreaves WA, Miranda J & Miller LS (1995). Prevention of depression with primary care patients: A randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Community Psychology, 23(2), 199-222.
  • Miranda J, Azocar F, Organista KC, Muñoz RF & Lieberman AF (1996). Recruiting and retaining low-income Latinos in psychotherapy research. J Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64(5), 868-874.
  • Muñoz RF, Mrazek PJ & Haggerty RJ (1996). Institute of Medicine Report on Prevention of Mental Disorders: Summary and commentary. American Psychologist, 51, 1116-1122.
  • Muñoz RF, Van-Oss Marin, B, Posner SF & Perez-Stable EJ (1997). Mood management mail intervention increases abstinence rates for Spanish-speaking Latino smokers. Am J Community Psychology,25(3),325-43.
  • Muñoz RF, McQuaid JR, González G, Dimas J & Rosales V (1999). Depression screening in a women's clinic: Using automated Spanish- and English-language voice recognition. J of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, 67(4), 502-10.
  • Tsoh JY, Humfleet GL, Muñoz RF, Reus VI, Hartz DT & Hall SM (2000). Development of major depression after treatment for smoking cessation. American Journal of Psychiatry, 157, 368-74.
  • Muñoz RF, Le HN & Ghosh Ippen C (2000). We should screen for major depression. Applied and Preventive Psychology, 9, 143-52.
  • Hall SM, Humfleet GL, Reus VI, Muñoz RF, Hartz D, & Maude-Griffin R (2002). Psychological intervention and antidepressant treatment in smoking cessation. Archives of General Psychiatry, 59, 930-936.
  • Hollon, S. D., Muñoz, R. F., Barlow, D. H., Beardslee, W., Bell, C. C., Bernal, G., Clarke, G. N., Franciosi, L. P., Kazdin, A. E., Kohn, L., Linehan, M. M., Markowitz, J. C., Miklowitz, D. J., Persons, J. B., Niederehe, G., & Sommers, D. (2002). Psychosocial Intervention Development for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression: Promoting Innovation and Increasing Access. Biological Psychiatry, 52, 610-630.
  • Muñoz, R. F., Le, H. N., Clarke, G., & Jaycox, L. (2002). Preventing the onset of major depression. In I. H. Gotlib & C. L. Hammen (Eds.). Handbook of Depression (pp. 343-359). New York, NY: Guilford Press.
  • Le, H. N., Muñoz, R. F., Ghosh Ippen, C., & Stoddard, J. (2003, September 15). Treatment is not enough: We must prevent major depression in women. Prevention & Treatment, 6, Article 10. Retrieved October 16, 2003.
  • Lenert, L., Muñoz, R. F. , Stoddard, J. L., Delucchi, K., Bansod, A., Skoczen, S., & P.rez-Stable, E. J. (2003). Design and pilot evaluation of an Internet smoking cessation program. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 10(1), 16-20.
  • Haas AL, Muñoz RF, Humfleet GL, Reus VI, Hall SM (2004).  Influences of mood, depression history, and treatment modality on outcomes in smoking cessation. J Consult Clin Psychol.; 72(4):563-70.
  • Le HN, Muñoz RF, Soto J, Delucchi K, & Ghosh Ippen C (2004). Identification of risk for onset of major depressive episodes during pregnancy and postpartum. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 26(4), 463-482.
  • Urizar GG Jr, Milazzo M, Le HN, Delucchi K, Sotelo R, Muñoz RF (2004).  Impact of stress reduction instructions on stress and cortisol levels during pregnancy. Biol Psychol.; 67(3):275-82.
  • Lenert L, Muñoz RF, Perez JE, Bansod A (2004).  Automated e-mail messaging as a tool for improving quit rates in an internet smoking cessation intervention. J Am Med Inform Assoc.; 11(4):235-40. Epub 2004 Apr 2.
  • Hall SM, Humfleet GL, Reus VI, Muñoz RF, Cullen J (2004).  Extended nortriptyline and psychological treatment for cigarette smoking. Am J Psychiatry; 161(11):2100-7.
  • Stoddard J, Delucchi K, Muñoz R, Collins N, Stable EP, Augustson E, Lenert L (2005).  Smoking cessation research via the internet: a feasibility study. J Health Commun.; 10(1):27-41.
  • Muñoz RF (2005). La depresión y la salud de nuestros pueblos. [Depression and the health of our communities]. Salud Mental, 28(4), 1-9.
  • Muñoz RF and Mendelson T (2005). "Toward evidence-based interventions for diverse populations: The San Francisco General Hospital prevention and treatment manuals". Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. 73, 790-799.
  • Muñoz RF, Lenert LL, Delucchi K, Stoddard J, Pérez JE, Penilla C, Pérez-Stable EJ (2006). Toward evidence-based Internet interventions: A Spanish/English Web site for international smoking cessation trials. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 8. 77-87.
  • Muñoz RF, Le HN, Ghosh Ippen C, Diaz MA, Urizar GG, Soto J, Mendelson T, Delucchi K, Lieberman AF (in press). Prevention of postpartum depression in low-income women: Development of the Mamás y Bebés/Mothers and Babies Course.  Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.
  • "Reaching out from the barrio" (APA Monitor on Psychology, February 2002) 
  • "Psychology lessons that transcend generations" (Stanford Magazine, July/August 2005)

Updated: December 9, 2012